Early Access Program

IntelliJ IDEA 11 Early Access is Open to Public

If you are our regular reader you already know that IntelliJ IDEA 11 is being actively developed. We could not help ourselves and some new features have been already announced. You could’ve spotted the new codename too. It’s Nika! Please welcome!

So, IntelliJ IDEA 11 public EAP program is officially open!
Download the EAP build for your platform.

Following the tradition we’ve improved virtually every part of the IDE: the interface, the code editor, many of the supported technologies and frameworks got some love, and of course IDE performance. You are welcome to read the top-level list of changes available in this EAP build.

The development team will be detailing certain features here in the blog in the following weeks tagging them with ‘Nika’ tag, so stay tuned for more interesting stuff soon.

And of course we rely on your feedback a lot. Please submit your ideas and impressions on our EAP discussion forum and file requests to the issue tracker.

Develop with pleasure!
The JetBrains Team

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