IntelliJ IDEA 11 is Out: Get Ready for a Productivity Takeoff!

The newest version 11 of IntelliJ IDEA is available for immediate download!

Just as all previous years, this year of work brings a great amount of changes: a brand new streamlined user interface, impressive IDE performance optimizations and numerous improvements throughout the whole environment.

The key new features introduced in IntelliJ IDEA 11 include:

  • Support for web development with the Play framework.
  • Groovy 2.0 support with new intention actions and refactorings.
  • Gradle integration.
  • CoffeeScript editor with code assistance, inspections and formatting options.
  • Grails 2.0 support with all its features, including also Grails web-flow and Spock framework.

IntelliJ IDEA is now a first-class citizen on all of its supported platforms, with platform-specific features such as Mac OS X Lion full-screen support or drag-n-drop and symbolic links support on Linux and much more.

The updated IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition gets important improvements for Android development, including live preview of Android UI layouts and compatibility with the latest Android 4.0 SDK (Ice Cream Sandwich).

For further details check out what’s new, download IntelliJ IDEA 11 and develop with pleasure!

The IntelliJ IDEA Team

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