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MPS-designed Languages in IntelliJ IDEA

Have you ever thought about using some custom DSLs for your tasks? Great news! With the new MPS 2.5 feature you can use DSLs created in MPS in your projects within IntelliJ IDEA with amazing special code editors and all the stuff. Once you create your language in MPS, to enable them in IntelliJ IDEA you just need to install core MPS plugins and plugins with your languages, add MPS facet to your project and select the languages.

New MPS plugins are available now from the plugin repository and compatible with IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate and IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition since version 11.1.

Check these tutorials for more information:

Find more details on MPS 2.5 release on What’s New page.

Please feel free to share feedback with MPS team here or report any found bugs to their issue tracker.

Develop with pleasure!
IntelliJ IDEA Team

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