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Analyze Exceptions with Pleasure!

Every developer in the Java world has to deal with exceptions. An exception stack trace is the easiest way to tell what’s wrong in your program. In IntelliJ IDEA, we strive to make stack trace analysis as user-friendly as possible for you. To this end, IntelliJ IDEA has an Exception Analyzer which helps you analyze a stack trace.

Today I would like to tell you briefly how you can save your time dealing with stack traces.

Here’s what usually happens with exceptions:

  1. You receive an exception by email, bug tracker or messenger.
  2. Copy it to clipboard.
  3. Switch to IntelliJ IDEA.
  4. Go to Analyze → Analyze Stacktrace.
  5. Click OK.

Now you can easily skip steps 4 and 5. Simply select the option in the Analyze dialog for painless analysis. Voila!

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