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Writing Plugins for IntelliJ IDEA. Part I

As you remember last week we organized a webinar Writing Plugins for IntelliJ IDEA with John Lindquist and Mihai Toader. This was the first of an ongoing series where we reach out to our community of expert plugin developers and ask them to share their experiences writing plugins for IntelliJ IDEA.

The great news, is that the next plugin webinar will take place Thursday, November 29th where we will build a plugin from the scratch with JetBrains CTO, Dmitry Jemerov. Further details and registration will be announced soon, so stay tuned.

So far please enjoy the recording of the first part and don’t forget to subscribe to the official channel of IntelliJ IDEA on YouTube.

We will publish more details on the feedback, we have received from you about plugin development, tomorrow.

In the meanwhile stay tuned and, develop with Pleasure!

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