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Power of Find Usages in IntelliJ IDEA 12

As you know IntelliJ IDEA is mostly focused on developer productivity. That’s why we constantly re-think even the basic features to make it more quick and powerful.

In IntelliJ IDEA 12 you are able to use Find Usages without any dialogs and confirmations. You can press Alt + F7 and see the results in a tool window immediately. More results will appear while the search is proceeding.

If you need to change default settings or the search scope, use Shift + Alt + Ctrl + F7 or Settings button in the tool window.

Another useful feature available in Find Usages tool window is Preview Usages, which shows a preview for a selected usage.

In IntelliJ IDEA 12 we have added a few additional options for this feature.

Option Dataflow to Here shows the values, assigned to the usage and where they come from. In the same way Dataflow from Here option shows where the values go to from the usage.

And finally Call Hierarchy option, available also for JavaScript, shows the methods called before the code from the usage.

All these features are available for evaluation in the latest IntelliJ IDEA 12 EAP. Feel free to share your feedback and submit bug reports in our issue tracker.

Stay tuned and develop with pleasure!

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