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IntelliJ IDEA 12.1 EAP 128.18 is Available

One month left before IntelliJ IDEA 12.1 update, and we are hurry up with new features and enhancements. The next early preview build for the upcoming update has been released and is available for download.

The major changes in the build include:

  • Support for microdata attributes in HTML5
  • JSLint for HTML with JavaScript and CSS
  • Gradle integration improvements
  • Starling Framework support for Flash developers
  • Cosmetic enhancements for Darcula

The full list with many other changes can be found in Release Notes.

Feel free to share your feedback on the discussion forum and submit bug reports in our issue tracker.

Develop with Pleasure!

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2 Responses to IntelliJ IDEA 12.1 EAP 128.18 is Available

  1. Avatar

    Yagiz says:

    February 28, 2013


    I’m not able to upgrade from 126.330 to 128.18. I keep getting the following error and it rolls back:

    java.io.IOException: Cannot delete file C:Program Files (x86)JetBrainsIntelliJ IDEA 126.232libutil.jar
    at com.intellij.updater.BaseUpdateAction.replaceUpdated(BaseUpdateAction.java:38)
    at com.intellij.updater.UpdateZipAction.doApply(UpdateZipAction.java:191)
    at com.intellij.updater.PatchAction.apply(PatchAction.java:138)
    at com.intellij.updater.Patch$3.forEach(Patch.java:195)
    at com.intellij.updater.Patch.forEach(Patch.java:243)
    at com.intellij.updater.Patch.apply(Patch.java:191)
    at com.intellij.updater.PatchFileCreator.apply(PatchFileCreator.java:82)
    at com.intellij.updater.PatchFileCreator.apply(PatchFileCreator.java:73)
    at com.intellij.updater.Runner.doInstall(Runner.java:192)
    at com.intellij.updater.Runner.access$000(Runner.java:13)
    at com.intellij.updater.Runner$1.execute(Runner.java:159)
    at com.intellij.updater.SwingUpdaterUI$5.run(SwingUpdaterUI.java:186)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:722)

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    Jean says:

    March 5, 2013

    Is there a “safe” way to have both Intellij 12.0.4 and Leda 12.1 on the same mac osx system but not sharing folders.

    Currently 12.0.4 and 12.1 seem to share at least the ~/Library/Cache/Intellij12 and ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/Intellij12 folders. This includes the installed plugins, where I can’t have the latest version in 12.1 without loosing the plugin entirely in 12.0.4 …

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