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30 Days with IntelliJ IDEA. Quick Popups

We continue to publish new articles from our 30-day guide on the trickiest features of IntelliJ IDEA. The latest article gives you a list of quick popups available in IntelliJ IDEA that you should know if you want to be more productive.

Did you know?

The quick popups helps you check additional information related to the symbol at the caret. It is well-known that quick popups are available for a symbol in the editor, but few know that it also works for an item in any other list, via the same shortcuts.

You can use quick popups even if you browse the elements from the Navigation bar via Alt + Home (Alt + ↖ for Mac).

Please check out the original article to see the complete list of available quick popups.

Stay tuned for more articles coming soon, and Develop with Pleasure!

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