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How to Build Developer Tools on Top of IntelliJ Platform

Thanks everyone who joined us a few days ago and took part in the webinar with Dmitry Jemerov and Andrey Cheptsov on how to build developer tools on top of IntelliJ Platform. In this webinar, Dmitry provides a technical and practical overview of the IntelliJ Platform and explains how you can use it for building your own products.

Those who missed the webinar can watch the recording which is now available. Enjoy the video and please share it with your friends.

This webinar answers the following questions:

  • What is IntelliJ Platform?
  • Who is it suited for?
  • Why is it better than Eclipse and NetBeans platforms?
  • How is it different from IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition?
  • Is it possible to build a commercial product based on IntelliJ Platform?
  • Plugins for IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition vs products based on IntelliJ Platform.
  • What steps must be taken to create a product based on IntelliJ Platform?
  • How you can contribute to IntelliJ Platform?

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Build tools with pleasure!

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