IntelliJ IDEA at JavaOne 2013, Survey and License Winners

Woo-hoo! After a week in sunny San Francisco it’s time to share our impressions from JavaOne 2013. We really enjoyed hospitality of the city and of course a chance to see and talk to Java developers and IntelliJ IDEA users from all over the world. JavaOne remains the top event for Java community and a great place to meet with our fans.

Everyone who stopped by our booth had a chance to ask for a demo of IntelliJ IDEA and to get the “Keep Calm and Alt+Enter” T-shirt. This time we also ran a quick survey on the technologies and tools developers use in their line of work. A few hundred developers gave us their feedback, and we’d like to share the results with you.


What languages do you use?

Java: 98%; Groovy: 23%; Scala: 18%; Clojure: 3%; Kotlin: 2%

What frameworks do you use?

Java EE: 75%; Spring: 57%; Android: 29%; GWT: 15%; Grails: 12%; Play: 9%

What build tools do you use?

Maven: 72%; Ant: 53%; Gradle: 18%; SBT: 7%

As we promised, 20 lucky survey participants will get a free personal license for any of JetBrains products. Today we are happy to announce their names!

  • Ram Damisetty
  • Andreas Mueller
  • Dan Shinton
  • Jeff Harman
  • Steve Wendt
  • Raj Birru
  • Manish Jain
  • Ankoor Shah
  • Vittal Saidanore
  • Morgan Conrad
  • Sarang Shah
  • Russell Bentz
  • Kunfeng Chen
  • Toshihiro Okamura
  • Pawel Karpinski
  • Manoj Aryal
  • Denise Keys
  • Benjamin Sfard
  • Ravi Palusa
  • Dan Delany

If you’re on this list, you will shortly receive a personal email with detailed instructions on how you can claim your prize. Congratulations again, and thanks to everyone for your continued support!

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