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How is Flex Doing? Quick Start Guides and Tutorials

Flex is doing good!

Apache Flex SDK 4.10 was released in August, and there have already been more than 7500 installations of 4.10 within two months since its release. Of course this SDK is supported by IntelliJ IDEA.

Nevertheless, according to the feedback we get, many Flex developers still stick to the older Adobe Flex SDK versions, and here’s what we’d like tell them: come on, update to the latest SDK already! The Apache Flex team acts on your feedback pretty fast, and the best thing you can do is to get involved!

The anonymous statistics we collect in IntelliJ IDEA shows that Flex and ActionScript developers have become more active. Here’s a chart showing how many times Flash Run Configuration was started each month in 2012-2013:

As we get a lot of questions from people new to IntelliJ IDEA, we have published several quick start guides and tutorials covering some basic topics:

We plan to add more tutorials, including advanced ones. Let us know what workflow aspects of Flex or ActionScript projects you’d like to learn more about.

Develop with pleasure!

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