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IntelliJ IDEA 13 Beta is Available

The day has come! Today we are excited to announce that IntelliJ IDEA 13 Beta is available for download and evaluation. Now everyone can download it and see what IntelliJ IDEA team has been cooking for the December’s release.

As always, this new important update brings improvements to all parts of the IDE. Here are some of the most important ones in the Beta release:

  • User interface enhancements, including the new Lens Mode, Search Everywhere, Presentation Mode, Speed Search, and more.
  • Better performance with faster Find Usages and Navigate to actions, and more responsive editor during indexing.
  • The Debugger now provides Smart Step Into for anonymous classes and lambdas, and shows local variables even when there’s no debug information.
  • Better control flow analysis with the new Contract annotation.
  • Improved Find in Path action with ability to search over comments and String literals.
  • New Terminal tool window.
  • Improved support for Java 8 including the latest updates.
  • Groovy support enhancements, including better type inference, new refactorings and intentions.
  • Support Java EE 7, the latest version of Oracle’s enterprise Java platform, including JSF 2.2, CDI 1.1, JPA 2.1, JAX-RS 2.0, Batch Processing and many more.
  • Spring frameworks enhancements, including easier project configuration, better performance and the new dedicated tool window.
  • New development tools for Android development, including support for the new Gradle-based build system, better code completion, navigation, formatting and code analysis for Android-specific files and classes, multi-device preview, the built-in nine-patch editor, SQLite database access, and much more.
  • New fast and powerful log viewer for Git and Mercurial.
  • New development tools for Web development, including better JavaScript debugger, CSS support enhancements, Emmet Preview as well as Surround with Emmet live template, JavaScript code coverage tools, and others.
  • Database tools and SQL support improvements, now with easier data source configuration, Create New action, smarter code completion, the new Structure view for SQL files, the table editor and results view and others.
  • Support for Subversion 1.8.
  • Better Gradle integration, now with code completion, code analysis, quick documentation, and more.

And many more…

Check out the full list of changes and download the Beta on its official page.

As usual, one month before the release we start our regular free upgrade program. Why wait until December to purchase a personal license for IntelliJ IDEA? Buy a personal license for IntelliJ IDEA 12 and get IntelliJ IDEA 13 for free once it is released!

Stay tuned for more details on the new features in our blog.

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