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IntelliJ IDEA 15 EAP Allows Shelving Local Changes in Perforce

In the new IntelliJ IDEA 15 EAP build released yesterday Perforce users may notice a new action in the Local Changes tab in the Version Control tool window:


Now you can shelve your changes not only locally but also in Perforce, which might be more convenient and safe in some cases. When you invoke this action, IntelliJ IDEA will ask you to select files to shelve, and provide a description:


After you’ve successfully shelved your changes, you’ll see the corresponding changelist and will be able to unshelve it anytime with help of the context menu:


We hope this will make your work with Perforce a little bit easier. For the complete list of changes in the latest EAP build, refer to the release notes.

Don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us by commenting this post, or a corresponding thread on our EAP discussion forum. In case it works not as you would expect it to, make sure to submit an issue to our tracker.

Develop with Pleasure!

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6 Responses to IntelliJ IDEA 15 EAP Allows Shelving Local Changes in Perforce

  1. Avatar

    Paweł says:

    September 10, 2015

    It is a kind of smart git stash?

    • Avatar

      Peter Gromov says:

      September 10, 2015

      Yes, it’s similar to (named) git stash, except that shelved changes are shared on Perforce server and you can also view/unshelve them from another computer.

  2. Avatar

    Sean Shou says:

    September 10, 2015

    That’s awesome.

  3. Avatar

    Alexey Danilov says:

    September 11, 2015

    Interesting, my post awaits moderation for half a day. Is this normal?

  4. Avatar

    Alexey Danilov says:

    September 11, 2015

    If you are a mac OS user, consider reading this first before installing the update:

    I has ruined my installation on two machines – because previous EAP versions are no longer available for rollback (and also because I have already invested too much in settings specific to 15 version, so than I cannot simply switch back to Idea 14).

    Would really love to see some feedback from support

    Btw, switching to java 1.6 is also broken – https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-144061.

    So if you are brave EAP user and ventured into installing this update, you are left with two options:
    1). Enjoy the unbelievably laggy IDE
    2). Switch to Oracle’s java 8 and enjoy the fonts that will make you eyes bleed
    – See more at: https://blog.jetbrains.com/idea/2015/09/intellij-idea-15-eap-allows-shelving-local-changes-in-perforce/#comment-337410

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