IntelliJ IDEA 16 EAP is Open

With Christmas around the corner, we have prepared a small gift for you: a sneak peek at IntelliJ IDEA 16. Starting today we’re switching to the cycle that includes several “average” releases per year, supported by bugfix updates (instead of having one major release per year followed by one minor update).

To start things off, we’re opening the IntelliJ IDEA 16 EAP which brings you a few goodies to make you a little happier.


IntelliJ IDEA 16 adds the support for RTL languages (Arabic, Hebrew) to the editor.


The IntelliJ IDEA project model is finally aligned with that of Gradle and supports custom source sets, by resolving dependencies between individual source sets. This improvement fixes a great number of issues.


Also, IntelliJ IDEA now can resolve EAR artifacts defined in your build scripts and configures them automatically in the Project Structure.


When you run a Gradle task, now you can toggle the view mode between tree and text output:


When you debug the code compiled without debug info, you will be provided with better name matching, and allowed to set and evaluate values for slot variables.


The debugger is now aware of that your current thread is being blocked by another suspended thread, and suggests to resume it.


Merging with Git and other VCS got a little bit easier with the added by-word difference highlighting.


The Checkout Tag or Revision action is now applied to all repositories configured for the project.

For those who would like to migrate their Guava code to Java 8 APIs, we’ve added a number of quick-fixes that help to replace FluentIterable, Function, Optional, and Predicate with Java 8 analogues.


The last but not least, the Android Studio 1.4 features are now available in the IntelliJ IDEA 16 EAP. Android Studio 1.5 and further updates will be included soon.

Stay tuned for more details on these and other new features. Meanwhile, don’t forget to share your feedback in our discussion forum and the issue tracker.


  • With IntelliJ IDEA 16 EAP IntelliJ IDEA and the whole IntelliJ platform migrates to Java 8.

Develop with Pleasure!

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88 Responses to IntelliJ IDEA 16 EAP is Open

  1. Andrzej says:

    Support C#, god damn it.

  2. Gauthier P. says:

    Nice !

    It’s me or there is a bit of changes in Darcula color scheme ? Some variables are in purple ( “),

    If yes, it’s very nice ! More colors for Java are welcome !

  3. Rainer Frey says:

    A major release? I guess that means release dates will be later and EAP less stable … Was hoping to get Gradle source set support ASAP.

    • Andrey Cheptsov says:

      Actually we would like to get rid out of the “major” and “minor” words at all. We simply want to release more often. I think the effect should be opposite: less probability of having a release postponed and more stability.

      • more release means more downloading? by more downloading I mean huge packages not only few couple of MBs.
        This is not an optimal way tbh

        • Andrey Cheptsov says:

          I believe the optimal way would be to make it possible auto-update between major releases via small patches. This could solve the problem and we’re thinking of it.

          • TWiStErRob says:

            @Andrey it would be about time, I’m on the EAP track and I have to reinstall the whole package every time there’s a “release”, the small update between builds of the same works just fine, but I had to reinstall between 15.0.2 EAP and 15.0.3 EAP, come on… please make it a higher priority, which issue can I vote for here?

        • Tropper says:

          Obviously you never used Xcode …

  4. bughunter says:

    I am not amused. One one the biggest arguments for the new license scheme was: more time for resolving bugs instead the need of implementing new features to get new customers. Now you start with a fast release cycle for new features. And bugs reported in Idea 14 will be there in 16. I am not amused, really.

    • Andrey Cheptsov says:

      Please read my comment above. Probably I shouldn’t have used the word “major release”. It adds nothing but confusion. What we are really after is just stoping separating between feature- and bugfix- releases. This will let us to find balance between bugfixes and features for each release. I want to assure you that stability remains our primary focus. And this change is supposed to help us in it.

  5. Thierry Leveque says:

    Yeah great! That means that my “life time license” for IntelliJ 15 will in fact end really soon! No more bug fixes for us???!!!
    Bad bad move! What is happening with you guys??

    • Andrey Cheptsov says:

      Please read my comment above. I think I answered your question there.
      I’ve also updated the post to avoid possible confusion.

      • TWiStErRob says:

        So hopefully it means that an IDEA 16 licence will be good for a longer time? or you are changing the versioning scheme like Firefox did and by the end of next year you’ll reach IDEA 25?

        • TWiStErRob says:

          Heh, just read the next comment :) So… yearly subscription stays, I’m still sad, what happened to the good old practice of buying a product and keeping it, like Windows?

  6. Michael K. says:

    please DON’T start a firefox like versioning… don’t want to see IDEA v50 in 2 years…

  7. Pawel says:

    What is that “custom JDK”?
    And why, why?

    • Andrey Cheptsov says:

      It includes our fixes for better font rendering on Linux.

      • Barry says:

        I’m seeing occasional corruption of the text rendering in some dialog pop-ups. I’d report it on youtrack, but I can’t reproduce repeatedly. Running on Linux, xhosted onto Windows.

      • Konstantin says:

        it’s not better it’s perfect 😀

        • Alexey Ushakov says:

          Could you provide some more info about your config? What linux version and hw config do you have?

          • Konstantin says:

            kde 4 on ubuntu 12.04, nvidia + core i7,
            initial license check dialog was in metal swing theme with no fonts too, just radio buttons and super narrow button

            oracle jdk 1.8.0_66-b17 + idea 15.0.3 works with no problems

            • Mikhail Fursov says:

              Have the same problem on Ubuntu 12.04 & Mate desktop.

              Solved by removing jre folder and switching to jdk 1.8.0_66-b17

      • Zach Callear says:

        I had been using OpenJDK 8 with Infinality and the Infinality patches applied (on Arch Linux), and 15’s fonts looked better than how this now looks with the custom JDK. I’m not certain that it’s only due to the difference in JDK/JDK, though.

        • Zach Callear says:

          I went ahead and commented out lines 60-65 of /opt/intellij-idea-ue-eap/bin/ and changed line 66 to “if” rather than “elif” (to use the system’s OpenJDK), and my fonts are back to looking nice.

          • Zach Callear says:

            While the way I mentioned works, a more update-proof way of doing it, as the expects, it to create a file at “~/.IntelliJIdea16/config/idea.jdk” containing the path to your JDK. In my case (Arch Linux), I used “/usr/lib/jvm/default”.

      • Mikel Pérez says:

        You should look into TuxJDK for font rendering patches. They look perfect. your custom JDK neither respects DPI nor looks as good as tuxjdk

        also, there should be an option to download IDEA only and not the custom jdk as I’m happy with TuxJDK (…and looks better :)

      • PH says:

        My favorite coding font, Consolas from MS, is still not displaying right at all with this new custom JDK.
        I have that font looking great (like on Windows) with tuxjdk (after fixing a bug in there). I’m on Ubuntu 14.04.3.

  8. James says:

    Looks good! Will you be adding “Go To Class” for Java developers on Linux? We could really use this feature.

  9. Edu Garcia says:

    Just to change the tone of comments a bit, I really think this is a great IDEA (get it? :D).

    And I, for one, would like to see IDEA 50 in 2 years, whatever the numbering scheme is. I’m almost always on EAP to get access to features faster, like the aforementioned Gradle support, which I think it’s awesome, even if it means opening a ton of bugs now and then.

    Although I’d like to see a change on how bugs are fixed/triaged. For example, I reported the problem with the move dialog not working on the 14 EAP a whole 10 days before the release was built. That bug (which I think it’s not minor) shipped on that and further releases, and finally got fixed on the current 15 EAP, more than 3 months later. My point is, if you have an EAP for people to report bugs, maybe use that information to fix them or delay the release (or revert whatever caused the problem in the first place, that also works!)

    In any case, if this means moving faster for you and greater stability, I’m all for it, so keep up the good work :)

  10. Ling says:

    Better support golang project? or dev an other IDE for golang?

  11. Ryan Greene says:

    Go, Rust, or Haskell IDE please :)?

  12. Nick Jacobs says:

    Can you clarify what this means for someone like myself who had an old-style license for which I paid for another year for in early October 2015? Will I be able to license a IDEA 16 when it goes live? Or will I have to buy a subscription to get it?

    I think we all want to understand this better because people’s perception is that a major version update is something we’ve come to expect happens roughly once per year.

    Thanks. :)

    • Andrey Cheptsov says:

      If you bought it in October you should have a year of free upgrades. In other words you’ll get any versions released before October, 2016, including the first version of v16.

  13. EmmanuelS says:

    Update TypeScript to 1.7.5

  14. Andreas Falk says:

    Are any further improvements planned for spring and spring boot?
    What I am thinking of are especially these ones:

    1. Add a spring boot dashboard similar to Spring Toolsuite 3.7.x (great for starting/stopping lots of associated microservices at once)
    2. Make spring boot launcher usable for “war” packaged spring boot projects (does not start because of “provided” scoped dependencies for tomcat)

  15. Christoph says:

    I think more stable releases per year and faster iteration is a great idea.

  16. Igor Akkerman says:

    Java language level import per module still seems to be broken:

    compileJava {
    sourceCompatibility = JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8 // or ‘1.8’ or ‘8’
    targetCompatibility = JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8 // or ‘1.8’ or ‘8’

    Changing IntelliJ IDEA’s language level to 8 is reverted to 7 by a Gradle project refresh.

  17. Mike says:

    It’s great to hear that since 2016 Idea will move the focus from the race for new features to stability and bugs solving.

    I would like to ask to pay attention to «old» tickets, that were opened 5…10 years ago and still are actual. For instance: (class-path management) or (better UI/UX of IDE window, like in VS).

    Both of these tickets we opened almost 5+ years and still are missed in the current version of Idea. Please, analyze the content of Youtrack DB and try to minimize the old opened tickets, which are still alive and receive the comments.


    • Mike says:

      Under «better UI/UX of IDE window, like in VS» I mean:

      «The current ways to control the viewing modes in JetBrains IDEA 14…16 is awful and completely not user-friendly. Just compare it with the Visual Studio UX, where you can split/merge/dock/pin the windows (viewing modes) just with a single drag & drop movement.

      Please, consider redesigning & re-implementing this logic in order to simplify the ways to control the viewing modes.».

  18. Dimitar Dimitrov says:

    Well the new Gradle project set up checks many functional boxes, it makes the project structure window look busy and cluttered with all the different modules with funky names for the source roots.

    Also I don’t like it now that my projects are displayed as project groups. I would like to see what is an artificial group and what is a real project.

    Is there any plan on overhauling this UI?

    Also are you planning to support custom configurations, are we going to keep to the Maven scope conventions (compile, runtime, etc.)?

    • Vladislav says:

      Could you file an issue and describe what you don’t lilke about Project Structure UI for new gradle project structure?

      We can make modules grouping optional using a setting, I created an issue for it –

      What do you mean by “support custom configurations”? Most of all gradle configurations including custom configurations should be resolved properly using new project structure approach. If you have a project sample with “custom configurations” which IDEA 16 can not handle correctly, please create an issue with such project sample attached.

  19. Nail says:

    It seems the resource processing on compilation is broken (java).


    I have a gradle project, with src/main/java (marked as Sources in Modules) and src/main/resources (marked as Resources).

    With the new Idea 16 approach, the content of “java” is compiled (Build->Make) into “build/classes” (Idea 15 -> was: “out/production/..:).

    The content of “resources” is NOT touched at all during compile step (Idea 15 -> was: “out/production/…).

    So now I don’t have the resources on the classpath (i18n, etc). A standalone Gradle build indeed copies them to the “build” folder (but not to “build/classes”), but I don’t want to run it on each compile.

    Is this a bug or a feature?

  20. Nail says:


    >The content of “resources” is NOT touched at all during compile step
    This is NOT true. However, when I delete the build/resources dir manually, it is not restored on Build->Make.

    As for the root cause – Idea 16 does not add the build/resources into the classpath on project Run. I’ve installed ideaIU-143.1559.1.exe, opened the same project – and it worked correctly (resources are on classpath).

    • Vladislav says:

      I can not reproduce it. Could you make sure you have refreshed the project from gradle and if the problem remains file a new issue at youtrack with the project attached?

      • Yoav Vainrich says:

        I can confirm this and it is easy to reproduce.
        1. Create a new Gradle project with default sourceSet locations.
        2. Create a class with main method
        3. Create a running configuration with VM options: -verbose:class
        4. Run in 15.x and in 16.x and compare the classpath printed to console

        (If you open a ticket, I can attach a zip with such project)

  21. Better logo? The old one would be fine.

    • TWiStErRob says:

      Agreed, instead of redesigning the logo and icon every release you could spend time on more bugfixes. You lose the “IDEA identity” every year because of continous redesign. Look at Eclipse, they have essentially the same icon for almost 10 years now.

  22. habernir says:

    what about integrate scene builder into idea?

  23. Marius says:

    I agree with “habernir”. It would be nice to have Scene builder integrated into IDEA.

  24. Gaëtan de Menten says:

    Still no git interactive mode/partial commits ( What a shame…

  25. Marius Merkevičius says:

    I’m using intellij for android development. In 14 version there was an option to quickly generate run configuration with gradle (right click on test / file, and there would be an option to generate one).

    Now it generates only android/junit tests (seems like it has something to do with build variants, though no option to run on gradle test runner). Is there a way to change this ? Haven’t found this in either 15 or 16EAP.
    Also selecting “Run tests using: Gradle test runner” does not change anything in this case (on android development at least).

    I’m asking this because in a quite big project, “make” will cost a lot more time to run, than to run separate gradle tasks.

    Thanks !

  26. Flavio Oliveri says:

    Can you PLEASE add support for Ember?

  27. Anonymous Coward says:

    Faster releases means users that don’t want to keep paying for the subscription and keep an licensed version will stay with a much more outdated version than what happened before the change to subscriptions, putting the pressure in continuing paying the subscription fee.

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  29. sgatade says:

    Then should I buy right now? or wait for the v16 official release???

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