Java Annotated Monthly – June 2017

What an exciting month May was! The Java Community Process was flung into the spotlight as the Executive Committee voted against Jigsaw, raising questions like: how does this impact Java 9? What happens next? And what is the JCP anyway? Add to this the announcement of some exciting Android-related news, and we have a very full Java Annotated Monthly!


Java 9

Well, dear reader, you probably won’t be surprised after reading the articles covered in last month’s Java Annotated Monthly that the Java Community Process Executive Committee voted “no” on the Java Platform Module System public review ballot. Let’s see what the aftermath is:

More general news and information about Java 9:

Java In General

This month’s General Java links include Java-specific design and architecture, plus performance.


The big Android news, at least from JetBrains’ point of view, is that Kotlin is now an officially supported language for Android. For this reason, the Android section of Annotated Monthly may be a tiny bit heavier on Kotlin than normal.

Of course there’s more Android news than just Google I/O and Kotlin.


In recent months we’ve moved away from covering a wide range of JVM languages in Java Annotated Monthly to focus on Java-the-language (mostly because it’s impossible to cover all the news for all the JVM languages). This month I’m making an exception for Kotlin given the Google I/O news. If you feel the need to get up to speed on JetBrains’ JVM language, here are some pointers.


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