Early Access Program

End of support for Visual SourceSafe and ClearCase

As we announced some time ago, we are discontinuing support for ClearCase and Visual SourceSafe as of the 2017.3 release.

This implies several things:

  • Visual SourceSafe Integration plugin has being unbundled for some time already and starting from the latest EAP, ClearCase plugin is also removed from the standard package.
  • Since we do not plan any further development of the plugins, we will close all YouTrack reports for these plugins as of the 2017.3 release.
  • Plugins are now compatible with the Community Edition and are published in the JetBrains plugin repository:



We will maintain compatibility of the plugins with future versions of IntelliJ Platform.

  • We are publishing the source code for both plugins on GitHub to allow users to customize them based on their needs:



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