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Reactive Spring

As you might already know, Spring 5 went GA a couple of weeks ago. To celebrate this, last week we held an incredible webinar by Josh Long on Reactive Spring. If you have followed the news about the release, you probably already know that among other things (such as JDK 9, Java EE 8, and Kotlin support), Spring 5  can integrate with Spring Reactor to support reactive programming.

In this webinar, Josh not only introduced reactive programming and what it’s about, but also a gave a hands-on live coding demo on how to use Reactive Spring to build message-driven, elastic, resilient and responsive services–in both Java and Kotlin. The sources of the code shown in his demo are available on GitHub.

Don’t worry if you missed the webinar as we have now made the recording available here. Enjoy watching!

If you don’t plan on watching the whole one-hour video, here’s a list of links to jump to the part of the video which is most relevant to you.

If you’d like to learn more about Spring 5 and reactive programming, make sure to check out these resources:

If you liked how Kotlin works with Spring 5 or are just getting started with Kotlin, check out Kotlin’s website where you’ll find tons of tutorials and examples.

Because the biggest part of Josh’s session was in Kotlin, there was a question from the audience on whether Spring is going to support Coroutines, the experimental feature introduced in Kotlin 1.1 for making multi-threaded and reactive programming easier. One of the attendees shared a link which explains how Coroutines can empower Spring developers to write more readable code for reactive services.

If you are interested in getting Coroutine support in Spring, check out the corresponding request, share your feedback there or simply vote for it.

That’s it for now. Enjoy watching the webinar recording, play with the demo sources, and happy developing!

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3 Responses to Reactive Spring

  1. Avatar

    Newbee One Kenobi says:

    October 29, 2017

    In Intellij 2017.2.5, when I do File/New Project/Spring (NOT Boot, not Initializr), it keeps offering “Spring 4.3.12 Release” (and also Spring-3.2.18.RELEASE) instead of “Spring 5”. How should I change this?

    • Avatar

      Tony says:

      November 28, 2017

      Spring 5 is still not out officially, and currently only way to use it is through the initializr.
      If you listen carefully, he cites on the very beginning that they’re going to release the Spring 5 at some point in December of this year.
      I think that you’ll be able to use it then.
      But also, you can just download a library yourself, and add it to the classpath, and it should work.

  2. Avatar

    Rainer says:

    October 22, 2018

    Using IntelliJ 2018.2.5 now and still see Spring 4.3.18 only, no Spring 5.0 to create a Spring project.
    Is there anything I am missing? Do I have to use Spring Initializr.?

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