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Big Data Tools EAP: Bugfixes and Improvements

Great news for those who use our Big Data Tools plugin! We’ve just released a new update. In this new version we add a number of important bugfixes and improvements.

We’ve added the support for the SOCKS proxy. Now you can configure it for your Zeppelin and Spark Monitoring connections:

Notice, the UI of the Big Data Tools Connections dialog for Zeppelin and Spark Monitoring has been reworked. Now, if you don’t use the advanced settings, it’s very simple and straightforward:

Also, we’ve added two new actions to Zeppelin notebooks: Run All Above and Run All Below:

These actions might be very helpful when you need to re-run multiple cells above or below your current cell.

Apart from these changes, there’ve been multiple bugfixes in other areas. For more details, please check the release notes.

The documentation of the plugin has been also updated following the changes.

That’s it for now. You’re very welcome to give the new version of the plugin a try and let us know what you think! In case you haven’t heard of the plugin before and wonder what it’s all about, be sure to check the plugin home page.
In case you’re working with Apache Zeppelin, Spark, S3, HDFS, Google Cloud Storage, or Parquet files, be sure to install the plugin right away as it will let you do your data engineering tasks a lot easier!

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