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IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2 EAP6: Jakarta EE 9, Quarkus, Swagger, HTTP Client and More

The new EAP build for IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2 is here! Let’s take a closer look at what the upcoming IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 2020.2 has in store for Jakarta EE, Quarkus, HTTP Client, Micronaut, Amazon SQS API, and OpenAPI and Swagger.

Jakarta EE 9 support

Jakarta EE 9 has now reached the M1 phase and is scheduled for release this September. The upcoming IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2 is already fully prepared for this release.

All the features that were available for Java EE are now available for Jakarta EE as well. The IDE now supports the following Jakarta EE technologies: CDI, JPA, Batch, Bean Validation, JSF, JAX-RS, WebSocket, Servlets, JSP, JSON-P, JSON-B, Security, and EJB and JTA specifications.

Java Enterprise project wizard

We’ve updated our New Project wizard, and now you can create both Java EE 8 and Jakarta EE 9 projects from it. You can specify the name, Java version, build tool, extensions, and other options for your new Jakarta EE project.

Quarkus properties files support

The upcoming IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 2020.2 now provides editing support for the .properties configuration files in your Quarkus projects. The IDE now offers code completion and will correctly highlight code in properties files. It will also mark all the unused properties in gray.


What’s more, you can navigate from the properties files to configured beans, and vice versa using the IDE. Navigation from Java code to properties files is also provided.

Better Quarkus CDI support
The IDE now provides gutter navigation for injected beans. We’ve also updated our inspections so they will work with the Quarkus simplified syntax.

The IDE also provides support for @DefaultBean, @AlternativePriorty annotations, and what’s more, it supports injection by qualifier only without using the @Inject annotation.

URL code completion for REST Assured tests

IntelliJ IDEA now has better support for REST Assured tests. Now the IDE provides the code completion for URL path references in REST Assured tests, the code navigation to the related resources is now also available.

JAX-RS and MicroProfile REST Client HTTP Requests Generation

The upcoming IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate can automatically generate JAX-RS and MicroProfile HTTP requests and open them in the integrated editor-based REST Client, so you can easily create and test HTTP requests.

Furthermore, you can generate HTTP requests on any URL by simply invoking the intention actions context menu via Alt+Enter and selecting the corresponding option. Just make sure that your project is using one of the enterprise frameworks such as Spring, JAX-RS, Retrofit, OkHttp, Micronaut, and so on.

Better OpenAPI & Swagger support

Swagger UI support
The upcoming IntelliJ IDEA now integrates the Swagger UI tool. The API resources of your OpenAPI files can now be previewed in the embedded panel right inside the IntelliJ IDEA editor, making API endpoint testing easier.

Swagger Diff

Another useful improvement in this area is that the IDE can now calculate a structural diff between OpenAPI specifications.

The IDE will compare JSON or YAML files based on their structure, not lines of code, and of course, the IDE knows the Swagger/OpenAPI specifics.

To preview the structural diff, simply select the required Open API specifications in the Project Structure view, open the context menu, and choose Compare Open API Specifications. Alternatively, you can invoke this action from the Search Everywhere dialog.

Project Generation for Micronaut

You can also now create new Micronaut projects directly through the New Project wizard, which will walk you through the initial configuration.

Message Queue support for Micronaut and Amazon SQS API

If your Micronaut application uses asynchronous communication via RabbitMQ or Kafka, then we have good news for you: the upcoming IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2 now provides navigation via gutter icons, find usages, and name completion for message queues and topics.

The same features are available for the Amazon SQS API:

You are welcome to try it in the latest IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2 EAP build, and please let us know what you think here in the comments or on Twitter.

Happy Developing!

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