Java Annotated Monthly – August 2020

It’s August, so here in Europe we’re trying to relax a little for the summer. Honestly in 2020 it’s more important than ever to attempt to recharge, where possible. If you want to use your valuable time to read and learn, August’s Java Annotated should scratch that itch. If not, put all the links in Pocket and check them out later when you have more energy.

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Java News

Java 15 is coming out next month, yay! Also as you know Java turned 25 this year, so there’s still a bunch of stuff around that

Java Tutorials & Tips

Languages, Frameworks, Libraries and Technologies

Developer Advocacy & DevRel

This is the second month I’ve had this section in here. It’s not only because I read things to improve in my specific role, but also I believe that the "new normal" of more remote/distributed/distance work is going to lead many developers to have to work on their communication skills, which is something that developer advocates also focus on.

  • What Matters in Video Right Now: 2020 Edition – interesting (and to me, a little surprising) results on what makes a great YouTube video.
  • Why Do We Have Dev Rels Now? – it’s a long read, and you might wonder what the first part has to do with the title. But if you are a developer advocate or at all interested in this world, it’s well worth a read
  • Writing and Perfectionism – it’s never going to be perfect and if youre aiming for perfection it’s just going to languish as a draft forever

Conferences and Events

It’s August so there’s not much going on. However, organisations are releasing more stuff to help us with our remote events.

Culture & Community

And Finally

A round up of blog posts and videos from IntelliJ IDEA and JetBrains:

If you have any interesting or useful Java / JVM news to share via Java Annotated Monthly, leave a comment or drop me a message via Twitter.

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