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Live Stream: Modern UI Test Automation With Selenium Libraries

Last week we hosted a live stream on Modern UI Test Automation with Selenium Libraries, where Yuriy Artamonov talked about modern approaches in the UI test automation.

If you missed our live stream, don’t worry! The recording is already available on the IntelliJ IDEA YouTube channel.

During the stream, Yuriy gave a hands-on live coding demo of building a new UI automation project with Selenium and Java. He also highlighted the top 3 productive APIs to write your UI test on top of Selenium – Selenide, FluentLenium, and Geb.

Here’s a list of links to jump to the part that’s most relevant to you:

The slides that were used during this live stream are also available. 
Enjoy the live stream recording, and happy developing!

P.S. Would you like us to do a webinar on a different topic or with a different speaker? Let us know in the comments!

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