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IntelliJ IDEA’s Most Popular Live Streams

We understand it can be challenging to keep up with all the latest technology trends.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to simplify the task for you by compiling a list of our most-viewed live streams from the past several months. We believe they will help you stay up to date and learn about important new things from experts.

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Top 10 live streams

Modern UI Test Automation with Selenium Libraries

This session offers an introduction to popular approaches to UI testing with Selenium and Java.

The live stream is hosted by Yuri Artamonov, a software engineer from the JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA team. He is also the author of the Selenium UI Testing plugin and a fan of creating new tools to simplify the daily routine for developers. In this talk, he explains how to set up and maintain end-to-end tests with a rock-solid Selenium ecosystem and offers tips on working with these tests in IntelliJ IDEA.

Spring Boot Loves K8s

Did you know that Spring Boot 2.3 and 2.4 come with several new features that simplify application deployment to Kubernetes? In this live stream, Madhura Bhave, a developer from the Spring Boot team at VMware, demonstrates these enhancements using a sample application. You’ll learn to package a Spring Boot application as a container image, use liveness/readiness probes, load properties from a Kubernetes ConfigMap, and more. Get ready for an hour of insights that will help you improve your development experience and provide production-ready features.

Working with SQL and Databases in IntelliJ IDEA

This comprehensive session will take you on a tour of the features in IntelliJ IDEA that allow you to write SQL queries and work with data. It covers the basics, such as creating a simple query, searching for database objects, importing/exporting data, and also some more complicated topics, like updating data, adding run configurations, and using language injections.

The live stream is presented by Maxim Sobolevskiy, the JetBrains DataGrip team lead and PMM at JetBrains, and an SQL developer.

JavaFX: Cross-platform UI development in Java on desktop, mobile, and embedded clients

This talk provides an overview of how the JavaFX platform’s toolkit helps you develop cross-platform user interfaces that can be deployed on desktop, mobile, and embedded devices. You’ll get to know more about Java FX, its ecosystem, and its architecture, and also about how you can use it in IntelliJ IDEA.

The session’s host, Johan Vos, is a Java Champion and a member of the BeJUG steering group, the Devoxx steering group, and the JCP. He is also the lead author of the Pro JavaFX books, the author of Quantum Computing for Java Developers, and a speaker at numerous conferences on Java.

Using Maven in IntelliJ IDEA

This hands-on demo of the Maven features available in IntelliJ IDEA is presented by Chandra Guntur, a technologist in the financial services industry, a Java Champion, and the leader of the Garden State JUG.

In the live stream, Chandra covers a variety of topics, including Maven project creation, navigating to a source POM from the toolbar, and customizing the Maven settings and the repository. You’ll also see how to run life cycles, create, customize, and share run configurations, and much more.

This session is an absolute must-watch if you want an overview of the Maven-related features that IntelliJ IDEA offers.

Developing Micronaut Applications with IntelliJ IDEA

This live coding session is perfect for beginners who are taking their first steps in the development of Micronaut applications with IntelliJ IDEA. In the presentation, Iván explains how to configure auto-completion, look into the auto-discovery of controller endpoints, and work with the HTTP Client.

The live stream is hosted by Iván López, the creator of Grails plugins, including Postgresql-Extensions and Slug-Generator, and a senior software engineer and systems administrator with 14 years of experience.

Java, Containers, and IntelliJ IDEA

Using containers with Java can sometimes be tricky due to pitfalls like memory management, image size, and initialization time. Fortunately, Elder Moraes, a Java Champion, a developer advocate at JetBrains, author of the Jakarta EE Cookbook, and a board member at SouJava, one of the biggest JUGs in the world, knows some of the best practices that will keep you on track. This practical session will transform the way you work with Java and containers.

Bootiful Kotlin

This live stream reveals how the joint efforts of the Spring Boot and Kotlin teams have resulted in the best language and framework collaboration for all developers trying to get to production faster and safer.

The session is hosted by Josh Long, a Spring Developer Advocate, Kotlin expert, Java Champion, accomplished author, and podcaster. Tune in and discover how the productivity-focused Kotlin language compliments the flexible and clean Spring Boot.

Make IntelliJ IDEA Your Own

Not only does IntelliJ IDEA boost your productivity, but it also allows you to use the IDE as a platform for improving your day-to-day coding experience. In this session, Sirisha Pratha, a software developer and a leader of the Pittsburgh Java User Group, shares her knowledge of how to go beyond customizing the themes and code style settings, explaining how to automate routine tasks and add custom language support. She also explores the plugins available on the JetBrains Marketplace and discusses the process of developing them. Watch this video to learn about how to extend the capabilities of your IDE to suit the needs of your unique workflow.

Jakarta EE 9 and Beyond

Ever wonder how Jakarta EE 9 lowers the barriers to entry and eases migration from Java EE? Watch this session for answers to this and other questions about different aspects of Jakarta EE. Ivar Grimstad, who is the Jakarta EE Developer Advocate at the Eclipse Foundation, a Java Champion, and a Java User Group Leader based in Sweden, also discusses what future releases may bring and presents a demo on the conversion from the javax.* to jakarta.* namespaces.

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