Java Annotated Monthly – January 2022

Welcome to the January edition of our monthly collection of JVM-related news! This is my first Java Annotated Monthly; I’m taking over this project from Irina and Trisha – if I can see a little further, it is because I’m standing on the shoulders of giants 😊.

Greetings to long-time and first-time readers alike! Get cozy and let me take you on a tour of the latest news from the JVM community. I hope you come away from this with renewed inspiration for the start of 2022.

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That’s all for now – see you in February! We would love your help putting together the next issue. If you have any interesting or useful Java or JVM news to share in the Java Annotated Monthly, please leave a comment below or send us an email ( You can also feel free to send a DM to me via Twitter.

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