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New Live Stream: Experimenting With Java and Electronics on Raspberry Pi

Join the IntelliJ IDEA Live Stream on Wednesday, April 20, at 17:00 CET / 15:00 UTC. Our special guest, Frank Delporte, author of Getting Started with Java on Raspberry Pi, will be giving a presentation entitled Experimenting With Java and Electronics on Raspberry Pi.
Java is a write once, run everywhere kind of language; but is it really possible to run Java everywhere? Even on SBCs? If you thought that Raspberry Pi could only be programmed using Python, come and see just how effective Java can be. The session is for all Java programmers, not just fans of tiny hardware. You can even give yourself a head start by going through the Pi4J project.


Session Description

Java has proven to be a perfect match for the Raspberry Pi, especially with the recent evolutions in the JDK and OpenJFX. The latest Raspberry Pi boards, including the $15 Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, are great Linux machines to run Java applications on. With its low price but high specifications, Raspberry Pi is opening worlds of new opportunities.

In this talk, we’ll look at the current state of Pi4J along with some examples, like blinking an LED, sending sensor data to a message broker, running a Spring application, and playing an FXGL (JavaFX gaming engine) game. We’ll experiment with Java on a CrowPi to read values from sensors and control other electronic components. We will be using IntelliJ IDEA to write the code, push it to the Raspberry Pi to run the application, and interact with hardware components like an LCD display, LED matrix, buzzer, and so on.

Asking questions

Our speaker and host will be happy to answer any questions you have about Raspberry Pi or Pi4J. All you need to do is join us live and submit your queries via YouTube chat.

Your presenter and host

Frank Delporte

Frank Delporte is a Java developer for EEVE, blogger on and Foojay, author of Getting Started with Java on Raspberry Pi, and contributor to the Pi4J Project. Frank blogs about his experiments with Java, sometimes combined with electronic components, on the Raspberry Pi.

Mala Gupta

Mala Gupta

Mala works as a Java Developer Advocate with JetBrains. A Java Champion, she has authored multiple books with Manning, Packt, and O’Reilly Publications. She has 20 years of experience in the software industry and is a frequent speaker at international industry conferences. She actively supports Java certification as a path to career advancement and co-leads Delhi JUG and Women Who Code Delhi.

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