IntelliJ IDEA Releases

IntelliJ IDEA 2023.1.1 Is Out!

The first bug-fix update for v2023.1 has arrived! 

You can update to this version from inside the IDE, using the Toolbox App, or via snaps, if you’re using Ubuntu. You can also download it directly from our website.

Based on your valuable feedback, we’ve addressed reported bugs and implemented various improvements to enhance your overall experience with the latest IDE version.

Here is the list of the most notable improvements and fixes:

  • The IDE no longer flickers when working on Linux using two screens. [JBR-5417]
  • It’s again possible to move the IDE’s tool windows between two monitors when using KDE. [IDEA-313243]
  • Previously set window sizing is preserved after restarting the IDE on Linux. [IDEA-313378]
  • The IDE now supports authenticated access to images in GitHub. [IDEA-316245]
  • Branch names are properly displayed in the VCS widget. [IDEA-294594]
  • The IDE now correctly creates docker.sock for Linux. [IDEA-294871]
  • The main toolbar now fully displays long filenames. [IDEA-285430]
  • Compact Mode has been enhanced based on your feedback. [IDEA-314075], [IDEA-316107], [IDEA-314765]
  • Tab theming works as expected in the new UI. [IDEA-307289]
  • Tabs are now readable if the color scheme of the editor does not match the IDE theme. [IDEA-295781]
  • We fixed problems in keywords and identifiers in the Drools module. [IDEA-108223]
  • The IDE no longer freezes when searching for possible autocompletion variants. [IDEA-304441]
  • @Value(staticConstructor = "of") now works as expected. [IDEA-313324]
  • The background image is now visible on the side panels when the new UI is activated. [IDEA-302805]
  • The IDE doesn’t fail when importing a Gradle project that has a buildSrc with a name. [IDEA-314864]
  • The IDE now saves changes in the Commit checks section of Preferences/Settings | Version Control | Commit. [IDEA-31528]
  • The Reformat code action is now correctly applied to the selected code. [IDEA-316600]
  • The IDE now correctly saves changes made to the language injection rules. [IDEA-317190]
  • The IDE no longer freezes when the Reformat code action is enabled. [IDEA-316434]
  • Downloading Maven sources and documentation now happens in the background, keeping the Build tool window from opening automatically. [IDEA-316661]
  • The stack trace is displayed with clickable source links. [IDEA-316353]
  • No exception is thrown when adding a dictionary via File | Settings | Editor | Natural Languages | Spelling. [IDEA-310490]

Take a look at the release notes for a complete list of resolved issues, and please share your feedback with us or report any bugs you encounter using our issue tracker.

We appreciate your help in making IntelliJ IDEA better!

Happy developing!

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