Bugfix IntelliJ IDEA Releases

IntelliJ IDEA 2023.2.1 Is Out!

We’ve just released the first bug-fix update for v2023.2. 

You can update to this version from inside the IDE, using the Toolbox App, or via snaps, if you’re using Ubuntu. You can also download it directly from our website.

Here is the list of the most notable improvements and fixes included in the latest build: 

  • We’ve resolved the issue with the main toolbar appearing only for the first open project, both on WSL and when using tiling windows managers on Linux, by reverting to the native header. [IDEA-323700]
  • It’s now possible to select a theme on Linux after syncing settings from Windows with the Sync with OS option enabled. [IDEA-283945]
  • The console in the Services tool window no longer unexpectedly pulls focus from other tool windows. [IDEA-219699
  • The IDE no longer unexpectedly enters full screen mode on a secondary monitor when the Linux native header is switched off. [IDEA-326021]
  • Dragging and dropping a text selection to the gutter now moves the text to the selected line as expected instead of duplicating it. [IDEA-324204]
  • It is once again possible to exit full screen mode on a secondary monitor when the native Linux header is switched off. [IDEA-323706]
  • Issues that were causing window resizing and drag-and-drop functionalities to malfunction when using a secondary monitor on Linux with the native header switched off have been fixed. [IDEA-327169, IDEA-327723]
  • The list of directories in the Project tool window once again loads correctly. [IDEA-326394]
  • The IDE no longer freezes when specifying generic type parameters in Groovy. [IDEA-316712]
  • The IDE no longer freezes when editing XHTML files. [IDEA-238917
  • Printing works as expected again. [IDEA-323747
  • Updating bundled plugins no longer removes plugin files from the IDE’s installation folder. [IDEA-326800
  • The OpenAPI Specification plugin no longer erroneously requires the schema type field to be an array when using OpenAPI 3.1.0. [IDEA-317690
  • The IDE now supports OpenAPI 3.1. [IDEA-322411]
  • The IDE once again properly displays all Docker container logs after container restart. [IDEA-318041
  • We fixed the issue causing source entries to be duplicated when creating a source folder via the New Directory dialog. [IDEA-310739
  • The issue that caused the IDE to falsely ignore or falsely report errors in the code after editing annotation type method names has been fixed. [IDEA-323331]
  • It’s once again possible to select and open several files simultaneously in the Files tab of the Search Everywhere dialog. [IDEA-326262]
  • The issue that caused window controls to be obscured when using the High Contrast theme on Linux with the native header switched off has been fixed. [IDEA-326930]
  • The IDE no longer displays the license dialog every time the JetBrains Client opens. [GTW-5838]

As of v2023.2.1, IntelliJ IDEA’s bundled Android plugin provides the features and bug fixes of Android Studio Giraffe Stable, including support for Android Gradle Plugin (AGP), version 8.0.0. Please note, that support doesn’t include the features which require signing into Firebase Account.

For a complete list of issues addressed in this bug-fix update, take a look at the release notes. Please, feel free to share your feedback with us or report any bugs you encounter using our issue tracker.

Happy developing!

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