New Livestream – Enhance Code Safety: Unveiling IntelliJ IDEA’s New Exploitable Path Feature

Updated on 15/12/2023.

On December 14, 2023, we hosted our IntelliJ IDEA LiveStream with Ori Bendet and Yaroslav Russkih to learn about secure coding within IntelliJ IDEA.

Session abstract

In the dynamic realm of application development, developers frequently encounter a barrage of alerts during the coding process. This constant stream of notifications, ranging from bug fixes to security alerts, can significantly detract from their primary focus – writing efficient, clean code.

In our upcoming webinar, we delve into how the innovative feature of exploitable path functionality within IntelliJ IDEA, powered by Checkmarx, is revolutionizing this landscape. This session will explore how this integration not only enhances the safety of the code but also streamlines the development process. By prioritizing the remediation of the most critical vulnerabilities, developers can concentrate on what they do best: crafting quality software.

Join us to learn how to become a more effective developer by focusing only on pivotal vulnerabilities in your application. This approach ensures that your time is spent where it matters most, enhancing both productivity and security in your development workflow.

Asking questions

Ori and Yaroslav will try to answer all of your questions during the session. If we run out of time, we’ll do our best to address any remaining questions afterwards and publish the answers in a follow-up blog post.

Your speakers and host


Ori Bendet

Ori brings more than 17 years of senior-level experience to his role as VP of Product Management at Checkmarx, where he oversees the entire AST portfolio, serving thousands of customers worldwide. He is an experienced product leader, combining his strong technical and go-to-market skills. Ori also managed Checkmarx SAST, which is a Gartner and Forrester market-leading solution used by thousands of customers worldwide, and he has been instrumental in spearheading the flagship Checkmarx One AST Platform, which is gaining ground with hundreds of global customers adopting the cloud-based platform. Prior to Checkmarx, he held leadership and engineering positions at Time To Know, HPE, PicApp, and Bezeq.

Yaroslav Russkih

Yaroslav serves as a Head of Security at JetBrains, where he is responsible for Information Security in a broad range of JetBrains products and services, which include both individual developer tools (like IDEs and .NET tools) and teamware products helping developers worldwide. Under Yaroslav’s leadership, JetBrains has developed security tools and processes, protecting critical assets and ensuring JetBrains follows industry security standards. Yaroslav is committed to making security a natural part of the software development experience by growing security processes bottom-up and promoting the integration of Checkmarx security expertise into JetBrains products.


Mala Gupta

A Java Champion and JUG leader, Mala has authored multiple books with Manning, Packt, and O’Reilly Publications. She has more than two decades of experience in the software industry and is a regular speaker at industry conferences around the world. She has been actively supporting Java certification as a path to career advancement.

Happy developing!

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