IntelliJ IDEA 2023.3.3 Is Out!

We’ve just released the third bug-fix update for v2023.3.

You can update to this version from inside the IDE, using the Toolbox App, or using snaps if you are a Ubuntu user. You can also download it from our website.

In this latest update, we’ve included a range of fixes and enhancements:

  • Submitting GitLab reviews with an empty review message is possible again. [IDEA-337325]
  • The IDE no longer sends erroneous update notifications for disabled plugins. [IDEA-273418]
  • The first attempt to launch GWT Super Dev Mode after the IDE restarts no longer fails. [IDEA-283472]
  • Marking GitHub pull request files as “reviewed” works as expected again. [IDEA-338906]
  • Visual guides set to custom values in Settings/Preferences | Editor | Code Style once again appear in the editor correctly. [IDEA-339976]
  • The search functionality in the Emoji & Symbols popup dialog works again on Linux. [IDEA-327171]
  • Running Grails 3 projects no longer fails with the Unable to resolve class: CommandLineArgumentProvider error. [IDEA-340299]
  • The Time Tracking functionality no longer fails to send time values for GitLab tasks located in deeply nested groups. [IDEA-220161]
  • Gradle run tasks are no longer erroneously shown in the background task progress indicator, but appear only in the Run tool window. [IDEA-335450]  
  • The IDE no longer unnecessarily moves focus to the Build Output pane when the Build tool window is already opened and the build has succeeded. [IDEA-288969]
  • The IDE correctly displays the chosen file in the Commit dialog when executing the Commit File action for one of the modified files. [IDEA-336983]
  • The IDE no longer erroneously resets namespaces when you use the Add New Context and Apply actions with Kubernetes. [IDEA-336324]

For more information about the issues we’ve addressed, please refer to the release notes.

We always look forward to your feedback and bug reports in our issue tracker.

Happy Developing!

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