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A Few Little UI Tricks

Here are some new UI-related tricks which you may find useful: 1. Docked Navigation Bar (View | Navigation Bar) now shows Run/Debug controls if the toolbar is switched off. 2. You may also switch off Tool Buttons (View | Tool … Continue reading

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Invoking Run/Debug Actions in IntelliJ IDEA 9

In IntelliJ IDEA 9 (Maia), we’ve slightly changed the way you run and debug your applications. You’re still able to quickly run or debug a previous configuration (Shift+F10/F9), as well as to create and run/debug a temporary configuration in a … Continue reading

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Quick Lists to Group Your Favorite Actions

There’s a lot of useful actions in IntelliJ IDEA that don’t have shortcuts for many different reasons: they’re not used too often or there’s simply no more convenient key combinations left. For example, I often want to get access to … Continue reading

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More Colors with Maia

IntelliJ IDEA 9 (Maia) lets you assign custom colors to arbitrary sets of files (Scopes) in Editor tabs or Navigation lists (Go to class/file, etc): This helps you even more quickly than before understand which class you are looking at: … Continue reading

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