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Resize (tool) windows with keyboard

Since IntelliJ IDEA is so much loved by keyboard addicts, here is a tiny yet helpful feature introduced in version 9.0.2: you can change size of a tool window by means of your keyboard. Say, you’re doing “find usages”, the … Continue reading

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On-demand Tooltip for Values in Debugger

In Maia you can quickly look up a value in a debugger session by hovering your mouse over it (which is very handy for text values, for example): When you need to browse through a large tree of values, this … Continue reading

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“Close” Mouse Shortcut

You can use either a Wheel Click or Shift+Left Click to close things in the IntelliJ IDEA user interface. Here is a short list of what exactly can be closed: Editor tabs Tool window headers and tabs inside tool windows (yes, you … Continue reading

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