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New in 11: Downloading sources of third party JAR’s from web

When exploring a code, sometimes you end up in a decompiled code from a JAR for which there’s no source code attached. Previously you had to: 1. go find the source JAR on the Web 2. download it to your … Continue reading

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Grails: extracting text from GSP to resource bundle

By user requests we have added functionality for easy extraction of GSP text to resource bundles. To do this you can select a text fragment, press Alt+Enter and choose the intention “Extract selected text to”: I18nize String dialog will … Continue reading

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Grails: debugging GSP

Now IntelliJ IDEA X is able to debug GSPs. You can set breakpoints and view variable values or evaluate expressions.

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Grails: GSP aware of model returned from controller

As you already know, we are working on GSP editing improvements in IntelliJ IDEA X. In particular, now the editor knows about the variables that the controller supplies to the view. Example: Consider an action returning a bookList variable: And … Continue reading

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Grails: completion of controller and action names

We have added more Grails-specific completion in IntelliJ Idea X. In particular, IntelliJ IDEA now knows about action and controller names in most places where they can appear. In the ‘controller’ and ‘action’ attributes of some GSP tags: In some … Continue reading

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Grails: Quick navigation between actions and views

IntelliJ Idea X adds quick navigation for Grails actions and GSP pages. Whenever an action has a same-named view, IDEA creates a gutter icon opposite to the action name. Click that icon and the corresponding page is opened: As for … Continue reading

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