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Join Live Webinar — Quasar and Kotlin

Join us 
Wednesday, September 16th, 16:00 – 17:00 CET (10:00 – 11:00 AM EDT) for our free webinar, Quasar: Efficient and Elegant Fibers, Channels and Actors with Fabio Tudone.

Quasar fibers bring true lightweight threads to the JVM as well as Erlang-like actors, Go-like channels and Dataflow programming: this means we can efficiently use straightforward blocking APIs and regular stack-based control flow rather than submitting to cumbersome and infectious async and monadic styles.

After an introduction about fibers, their workings and Quasar’s additional abstractions we’ll explore how Quasar uses Kotlin

  • data classes
  • top-level functions
  • lambdas
  • annotated expressions
  • when-expressions
  • inline functions

to offer an extremely lean and expressive API.

Everyone is welcome!

You can ask questions to Fabio and suggest themes for future webinars in comments.

Fabio Tudone Fabio Tudone works on Quasar, Pulsar and Comsat at Parallel Universe. He has been writing mostly JVM software during his entire career, and before joining Parallel Universe he led the development of a cloud-based enterprise content governance platform. His interests include Dev and DevOps practices, scalability, concurrent and functional programming as well as runtime platforms at large.

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