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Announcing the Support Program for Kotlin User Groups and Events

Today we are launching a new Community section on our website!

Explore Kotlin Community

It will provide you with the guidelines to organize Kotlin related events, and the description of support managed by JetBrains. We have also formalized the support process for User Groups and Events around Kotlin.

It is exciting to see that about 150,000 developers all over the world tried Kotlin in 2016. We now have an amazing community! This lets us hold Kotlin-dedicated talks and meetups. We have also held two Kotlin Nights: the first one was in San-Francisco and the other one was in London. What is even more fantastic, the community is starting to organize these events, and we are here to help. It is also great to see people wanting more Kotlin Nights.

We offer the following programs:

Kotlin User Groups Support Program

We appreciate what you do and would love to help you find partners and speakers for your meetups, as well as to help promote your events. We can give you swag and share helpful tips and tricks. Please fill in the form for your user group or feel free to email Alina Dolgikh.

Kotlin Nights Support Program

We encourage everyone who wants to organize a Kotlin Nights event to do so. We can provide support in terms of merchandise, and promote your event via our media channels. We have a Kotlin Night Kit available for you to use, which includes the guidelines, branding materials, and swag for speakers and attendees. If you need help reaching out to potential partners or with any other steps, again, feel free to ping Alina.

Kotlin Talks & Speakers Support

If you are a speaker, let us know about your upcoming event, and we will send you a T-shirt and stickers for the attendees. By the way, they are available online for everyone at Stickermule and Apparel Store. Check out the New Events web page and submit your talk to show up on the global Kotlin activities map.

JUGs and GDGs are also encouraged to participate! If you have Kotlin-related talks or specially dedicated meetups, submit them, and we will figure out an optimal support plan for you.

Finally, we have a standard JetBrains Community Support Program for user groups related to software development , as well as community-driven events, and not just Kotlin-related ones. You can easily apply here.

If you have any questions, please ping Alina, who will be more than happy to help you!

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