Kotlin Heroes programming contest, round #2

Kotlin Heroes

We are excited to announce the second round of our Kotlin Heroes programming contest taking place on the Codeforces platform. JetBrains is working once again with Codeforces to promote Kotlin in the competitive programming community, as well as to give the Kotlin community a platform to compare and hone their algorithmic programming skills. We hope that any of you who entered our first round on the 22nd of May this year will join us again now you know what to expect and try to improve (or at least hold) your standing on the leaderboard.

You can see the standings from the first Kotlin heroes here, it was a closely fought contest. We would like to thank everyone for entering and submitting their answers and congratulate the top 3 winners Petr, ecnerwala, and abacabadabacaba on their incredible achievement, especially considering they were up against 4,500 other registrants from over 63 countries. We’d also like to give a shout out to tourist, for being the only other person who managed to solve every problem set.

Episode 2 of the Kotlin Heroes competition will be hosted again on Codeforces, this time on the 7th of September, 2019, at 14:35 UTC (17:35 MSK, 07:35 PDT, 22:35 CST). The contest will last 2,5 hours and will feature a set of problems designed for both beginners and seasoned competitive programmers alike. The top three winners will receive prizes of $512, $256, and $128, respectively. The top 50 contestants will win a Kotlin Heroes t-shirt and an exclusive Kotlin badge. Finally, every competitor who solves at least one problem will enter a draw for one of the 50 exclusive Kotlin Heroes t-shirts.

Join Kotlin Heroes!

Whether you are a long-time competitive programmer or a Kotlin developer who has never participated in a programming contest before, we think you’ll find Kotlin Heroes a useful, entertaining, and thought-provoking contest to be a part of to gain more experience.

Contests are a great way to test your programming knowledge and improve it. It is a mind sport where contestants write programs to solve precisely formulated algorithmic problems within strict constraints. Problems can range from simple ones, which can be solved by any developer and require little code to achieve the correct solution, to complex ones that require knowledge of specific algorithms and data structures and lots of experience. Codeforces is a platform that brings together professional developers and students from all over the world for education, fun, and the opportunity to improve their programming skills.

If you find Kotlin a fun and enjoyable language, we think you will enjoy participating in Kotlin Heroes and maybe even using Kotlin in other programming contests! We wish you good luck and have a nice Kotlin!

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