Kotlin Census 2019: Call for Respondents

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The new edition of Kotlin Census is here! By the end of 2019, more than 4 million people had used Kotlin. This is a great number of people, and of course, they have a great number of use cases behind them. We care deeply about making sure Kotlin delivers a great experience for everyone who uses it. We want to improve it to help everyone in the community bring their ideas to life with Kotlin. This is why your feedback is so important to us. Please share with the Kotlin team how you’ve used the language over the last year. What did you like about it? What challenged you?

We also invite those who don’t use Kotlin to respond. Please share with us your reasons for not using it. Your responses are just as important to us and very much appreciated.

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If you filled out the survey last year, thank you! To make sure we are keeping our information up to date, it would be really helpful for us if you could, please, do it again this year. We’ve added many new questions about the features and products that appeared in 2019. We’ve also added questions about how smooth your experience with Kotlin and its ecosystem was in 2019.

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One more important thing – answering the Census gives you a chance to win a free ticket to KotlinConf or a special Kotlin T-shirt. We will raffle off the prizes among the respondents after the Census closes.

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6 Responses to Kotlin Census 2019: Call for Respondents

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    Marin says:

    January 23, 2020

    I’ve mostly used Kotlin for Android development, but have also in my free time toyed with Ktor trying to enable a basic backend for future use in my side projects.

    What Kotlin means to me:

    A great concise tool which makes Android development enjoyable, which is a big one since Android development by itself tends to be a somewhat inconsistent and frustrating experience.

    I’ve especially fallen in love with Coroutines and the way the language uses functions as first class citizens. I love the conciseness of the language and how it always feels as the same language where as some other languages have parts of them which feel oddly alien to the core parts of the language.

    What I would like to see:

    A further refinement of Kotlin for web with a better support for frontend design and implementation, and perhaps some full scale Ktor template projects since the community is still small and it’s difficult to find input.

    The already existing examples are quite great, but sometimes it is good to see a full, feature-rich working app in order to get what the best approach is.

    Also it would be great to see Kotlin Flow become stable and further refined. Although to be honest it has given me no gripes so far.

    All in all Kotlin is a language that is easy to love, your efforts have not gone unnoticed. The language itself has made me more enthusiastic about programming. I haven’t felt this much enthusiasm for a language since my early days of C.

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      Alina Dolgikh says:

      January 23, 2020

      Thank you for all these kind words and for the detailed feedback. It’s appreciated a lot!

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    zeganstyl says:

    February 6, 2020

    3D Graphics.

    After some time experience with C++, Java, Python, C#, Javascript I have understand that Kotlin save a lot of precious time of developer. I have enjoyed how code was compact and syntax was comfortable.
    Kotlin is my favorite.
    Also, I have used many different IDE and IntelliJ IDEA also is my favorite. This IDE also save a lot of time.
    IntelliJ + Kotlin is real power!
    And it is free and open source.
    I want to express my respect!

    Secondly, I am interested in Kotlin/Natvie, Kotlin/JS, Multiplatform. I think it is extremely promising. When Kotlin/Native will be matured it will be very cool to write native applications on Kotlin. Also I am especially interested in WebAssembly.

    Currently I rewriting Libgdx framework to Kotlin with some architecture changes. Project repository is not currently public, but it will be soon.
    Currently it is only Kotlin/JVM, but I want make backends for engine also on Kotlin/JS, Kotlin/Native.

    I want bring more 3D graphics to Kotlin 🙂

    • Avatar

      Alina Dolgikh says:

      February 7, 2020

      Hi! Thank you for your feedback. We’re truly happy to know you enjoy working with the tooling we provide.

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    trin says:

    February 11, 2020

    When I use Kotlin at home and not at my job, should I still answer the questions about my job?

    • Avatar

      Alina Dolgikh says:

      February 12, 2020

      Hi! You can tell us about your home projects when answering the questions about Kotlin usage, and about your job when answering the general questions. The general questions are all towards the beginning of the survey.

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