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Kotlin 1.4-M1 Released

We are happy to announce the first preview version of the new major release: Kotlin 1.4-M1. A few months ago, we published an announcement of what to expect in Kotlin 1.4. As the release approaches, we’re offering you a preview … Continue reading

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Kotlin Census 2019: Call for Respondents

You can read this blog post in other languages: The new edition of Kotlin Census is here! By the end of 2019, more than 4 million people had used Kotlin. This is a great number of people, and of course, … Continue reading

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KotlinConf 2019 Live: Join the Broadcast, Attend the Q&A!

It’s turning into a nice tradition to broadcast KotlinConf. This year the community will have full access to the conference via the KotlinConf 2019 Live broadcast. We will be covering four of the presentation tracks scheduled for the conference, and … Continue reading

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Kotlin 1.3.20 released

We’re happy to announce the release of Kotlin 1.3.20, a new bug fix and tooling update for Kotlin 1.3. In addition to improvements to the compiler and IDE, this version: Allows running Gradle tasks in parallel within a single project … Continue reading

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Kotlin Census 2018

Our Kotlin community is growing fast; the number of users has increased by almost 3 times this year. The feedback you give is very important to us both as newcomers who have just started using Kotlin in 2018 and as … Continue reading

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Kotlin 1.3 Released with Coroutines, Kotlin/Native Beta, and more

You can read this blog post in other languages: Today we are releasing Kotlin 1.3 together with a set of accompanying libraries, build tools, and learning materials! We develop Kotlin to be a good tool for all application developers, at … Continue reading

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KotlinConf 2018 Live. Join the Conference Online

There are less than 10 days left until KotlinConf 2018. The event team has been working so hard over the whole of the last year to put together 2 days of sessions, and a full day of workshops for over … Continue reading

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Kotlin 1.2 Released: Sharing Code between Platforms

Members of our community have translated this blog post into several languages: Today we’re releasing Kotlin 1.2. This is a major new release and a big step on our road towards enabling the use of Kotlin across all components of … Continue reading

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KotlinConf Keynote Recap

Today is a great day for the Kotlin community. KotlinConf, the inaugural Kotlin conference, opens today, and we’re really impressed that around 1200 attendees from all over the world have joined us in San Francisco. During the conference keynote, Andrey … Continue reading

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Kotlin on Android. Now official

Today, at the Google I/O keynote, the Android team announced first-class support for Kotlin. We believe this is a great step for Kotlin, and fantastic news for Android developers as well as the rest of our community. We’re thrilled with … Continue reading

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