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Try the New Cross-Language Change Signature Refactoring With the Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Plugin for AppCode

When making a Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile plugin for AppCode, we focused on providing cross-language features that can work for any part of your project – be it a shared module or a native Android or iOS part.

The first cross-language refactoring we introduced was the Rename refactoring:


Safe Delete also works from the first plugin build, tracking usages of the shared code in all languages.

We’re adding Change Signature to the family, starting from AppCode 2021.3 EAP (213.4928.10). It works globally on the multiplatform code, allowing you to quickly change the function or method signature:

Change Signature

This refactoring can be used to change the order of arguments, add, rename, or delete them, and have all the usages in your code updated automatically. You don’t even need to invoke it manually in Kotlin code – just change whatever you want and click the gutter icon:

Change Signature from gutter

That’s it! Download the latest version of the KMM plugin in AppCode 2021.3 EAP and try it for yourself!

Download AppCode 2021.3 EAP

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