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Android Integration and Support for All Kinds of Multiplatform Projects in the Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Plugin for AppCode

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Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile plugin for AppCode just got a huge update. We’ve got some exciting news to share with you!

Support for All Kinds of Multiplatform Projects

For a long time, the only supported project model in our plugin was the Gradle DSL with a special iOS/macOS part. Now we support opening Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile projects with regular Xcode projects/workspaces and Kotlin parts configured via CocoaPods:

Xcode and KMM project

All of the features are available, such as cross-language refactorings and navigation actions:


This means that now you can use any project format – be it a regular Kotlin Multiplatform project (for example, created via Kotlin Multiplatform Plugin for Android Studio), or a project that uses our custom Gradle DSL. All of them can be opened in AppCode, and we provide the same cross-language code assistance for all of them.

Android Integration

Many of our users asked us to integrate Android-specific IDE features into the plugin, and here they are:

Android integration

Though the plugin provides reduced functionality compared to Android Studio, we decided to integrate some of the main features:

  • LogCat
  • SDK and AVD manager
  • Layout Editor
  • Translation Editor
  • Device File Explorer
  • APK Analyzer

We hope that these integrations will help you develop your Multiplatform Mobile projects much more quickly and easily. Please note that all of these new features are available in AppCode 2022.1 through the latest version of the KMM plugin.

Download KMM plugin for AppCode

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