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Kotlin Digest Spring: 1.7.0-Beta, Ktor 2.0, Surveys, Videos, and More

Try Kotlin 1.7.0-Beta

The first preview of the 1.7.0 release is out. Try Kotlin 1.7.0-Beta, evaluate upcoming features, and share your feedback with us. This preview includes:

  • Changes to builder inference.
  • The return of the min() and max() collection functions.
  • Stabilizing of definitely non-nullable types.
  • Updates for the new Kotlin/Native Memory Manager.

Read more in the blog post

Kotlin 1.6.20 is out 

Kotlin 1.6.20 has been released! Its highlights include:

  • Prototype of context receivers on the JVM
  • Definitely non-nullable types
  • Performance improvements for JVM, Native, and JS development
  • Hierarchical structure support for multiplatform projects

Read the release blog post for an overview of all the improvements and a complete list of the other evolutionary changes.

Update to Kotlin 1.6.20

Ktor 2.0 released

The latest version of Ktor offers significant new functionality:

  • Ktor Server
    • Simplified extensibility API that makes the creation of plugins much easier
    • Kotlin/Native support
    • Random port support
  • Ktor Client
    • Simplified APIs for dealing with common HTTP requests
    • Built-in support for retries
    • Content negotiation 

Read about its other improvements in this blog post, and for a complete list of everything in 2.0, check out the change log

Create Your First Ktor 2.0 App Today!

Help us make Kotlin better

We want to learn about you and how we can make your Kotlin experience more convenient. To this end, we’ve prepared a couple of surveys, and we would really appreciate your responses:

  • Are you participating in any of the Kotlin Early Access Programs?

Take the EAP Survey

  • Are you a Kotlin desktop developer?

Take the Kotlin Desktop Developers Survey

  • We’re looking for interview participants who would be willing to tell us about how they realized that Kotlin was the right language for them.

Fill Out the Screener Survey

AppCode 2022.1 is now available

AppCode 2022.1 is here with support for async sequences, postfix #if member expressions, isolation control specifiers for Swift actors, and more. We invite you to start your free 30-day trial to check out the new features and see what you think!

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New videos

Upcoming webinars

Join us on May 10, 2022, for the Event Streaming with Apache Pulsar and Kotlin webinar. Learn how to enhance event-driven microservices with advanced capabilities, such as on-the-fly serialization or parallel processing.

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And join us again on May 16, 2022, for the Property-Based Testing in Kotlin and Java With jqwik webinar, where you’ll learn what PBT is all about and see how to use jqwik.net with Kotlin and IntelliJ IDEA.

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