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AppCode 2022.1: Swift Support Improvements, Xcode 13.3 Support, and More

Please welcome our first major update this year – AppCode 2022.1!

AppCode 2022.1 released


Language support

AppCode 2022.1 includes support for the following Swift features:

  • SE-0298: async sequences
  • First part of SE-0313: support for isolation control specifiers in Swift parser
  • SE-0308: #if for postfix member expressions

Swift Package Manager

We’ve added an ability to update Swift Package Manager dependencies to the latest version (Tools | Swift Package Manager | Update Dependencies):

Update dependencies

In addition to this, AppCode now automatically excludes .swiftpm directory contents from full-text search.

Code formatting

We’ve implemented the Incorrect formatting inspection, which notifies you when the current formatting of a file does not match the code style settings:

Incorrect formatting inspection

Two new options are available for reformatting documentation comments in Preferences | Editor | Code Style | Swift | Comment Code – they allow to automatically add a space after // for line comments:

Space for line comments


The new Notifications tool window makes notifications more visible and keeps them better organized:



VoiceOver support was significantly improved in AppCode 2022.1. The screen reader now reads the names and descriptions of Git branches in the Log tab and provides a voice prompt to use ⌘L to navigate through log filters.

Version control

Thanks to IntelliJ Platform team, a lot of improvements are implemented for VCS:

  • Line diff right in the editor window when hovering over the annotation when using the Annotate with Git Blame action:Annotate with Git Blame
  • Actions for applying suggested changes right from the comments for a particular pull request:Suggested changes
  • Git File History window now works independently from the indexing process

And last but not least: AppCode 2022.1 supports Xcode 13.3.

Explore all the new features in detail on our website.

We encourage you to give AppCode 2022.1 a try. If you have an active subscription, you can update today. Otherwise, we invite you to start your free 30-day trial to check out the new features and see what you think!


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