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Kotlin News: 1.7.20 Released, Multiplatform Mobile Is in Beta, Nullability Guide

Kotlin 1.7.20 has been released

Kotlin 1.7.20 brings a bunch of improvements for you to try out:

  • K2 support for several new plugins
  • Preview of the ..< operator for open-ended ranges
  • Kotlin/Native memory manager enabled by default
  • Inline classes with generic underlying types (experimental)
  • Support for Gradle 7.1

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Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Is in Beta

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile – a technology that allows developers to share the logic of iOS and Android apps – is now in Beta! It means that the technology is almost done and it is safe to use in your projects, so now is a great time to start learning and gradually adopting Multiplatform Mobile.
The best way to start learning Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile is to get some hands-on experience with it! We invite you to join a series of upcoming webinars covering the basics of Multiplatform Mobile and demonstrating some of the most popular use cases.

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Compose Multiplatform 1.2 is Available to Use

Compose Multiplatform, the declarative UI framework for Kotlin, releases version 1.2,  packed with fresh additions to the Desktop target that make it even easier to build and deliver applications with beautiful user interfaces:

  • Its new support for ProGuard helps minify and obfuscate applications before shipping.
  • Improved mouse and keyboard handling means better form navigation, shortcut handling, and drag support.
  • Right-to-left languages are now supported.
  • Swing interoperability is improved.
  • Applications can provide automatic updates, download pages, and easy proper notarization via the third-party tool Hydraulic Conveyor.

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Nullability in Java and Kotlin

How does support for nullable types in Kotlin work? How does Kotlin process types from Java? Get answers to these and other questions in our brand-new “Nullability in Java and Kotlin” guide! 

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Get Workshop Tickets for KotlinConf’23

We’ll kick off KotlinConf’23 with workshops taking place on the first day. Learn Kotlin development first-hand from the industry experts and people creating the language. Topics include: Jetpack Compose, Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile, TDD, Microservices with Ktor and Kafka, Asynchronous programming with coroutines, Reactive Spring Boot with coroutines, Functional programming in Kotlin, and more.

The seats for each workshop are limited, so register soon!

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