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KotlinConf 2023 Is Going Global. Get on Board With Us!

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It’s been three years since we got together for KotlinConf 2019 Global. Since then, we’ve missed it a lot. That’s why we’re more than happy to announce that KotlinConf will be back in 2023, and so will KotlinConf Global!

KotlinConf Global

During KotlinConf’23 Global, you’ll get a chance to watch the conference keynotes and other sessions together with community members, ask your questions, and take part in discussions. Follow @kotlinсonf to stay updated.

Bring KotlinConf'23 to your city!

Host an Event

Every community, company, and campus is welcome to join in. You can organize a live broadcast from KotlinConf to watch it together with community members. We will kick off the live stream on April 13, at 9 am CEST, with an opening keynote by Roman Elizarov. You will also get access to the video recordings and be able to host a watch party at a later date.

JetBrains and the Kotlin team will support you along the way. Please fill out the form below if you’d like to host a KotlinConf’23 Global event.

Count me in

Get Support for Your Event

Our team will be glad to help you make the event a success. Should you need KotlinConf T-shirts, stickers, or other materials, please let us know. We can also provide funding. The specific amount may vary depending on the event format.

To get support for your event, you should host it between April 13, 2023 and May 31, 2023. Make sure to announce it on your website or another suitable platform, such as Submissions are accepted until January 15, 2023.

To announce KotlinConf 2023 Global in your city, please use the branding materials provided.

Attend an Event

If you’re not organizing an event but you’d like to attend one, keep an eye on our blog for future updates. You can also follow @kotlinсonf on Twitter, where we will share the schedule and the map with upcoming events.

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