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Kotlin News: 1.8.0 Is Here, Roadmap for 2023, KotlinDL on Android, and More!

Kotlin 1.8.0 has been released

Here are the biggest highlights of the Kotlin 1.8.0 release:

  • New experimental functions for JVM: recursively copy or delete directory content
  • Improved kotlin-reflect performance
  • New -Xdebug compiler option for better debugging experience
  • kotlin-stdlib-jdk7 and kotlin-stdlib-jdk8 merged into kotlin-stdlib
  • Improved Objective-C/Swift interoperability
  • Compatibility with Gradle 7.3

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Updated Kotlin roadmap for 2023

Here’s what you can expect from Kotlin in 2023:

  • A faster K2 compiler. 
  • A more performant IDE based on K2.
  • A stable version of Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile.
  • Improved tooling for library authors.

Check out the full Kotlin roadmap for the complete list of updates.

Go to roadmap

KotlinDL 0.5 has come to Android

Version 0.5 of KotlinDL, our deep learning library, is now available! The main highlights of the release are:

  • Android support
  • Preprocessing DSL
  • Inference on accelerated hardware
  • Custom models inference

Read the blog post to learn more about each feature.

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Kotlin Advent of Code 2022 winners

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who participated in the Advent of Code in Kotlin this year. We invited the community to join us, and we were amazed by the turnout and productivity on display!

12 awesome guests appeared on our daily live streams hosted by our Developer Advocate Sebastian Aigner, showing and discussing solutions over the first 12 days of the contest.

We want to recognize the amazing community spirit, so we’re sending prizes to 15 participants.

See the winners

KotlinConf’23 – Check out the speakers and the Global events map

Find a KotlinConf Global event in your city

KotlinConf Global is a series of events run by the Kotlin community to get together and watch and discuss broadcasts or recordings from KotlinConf’23. Anyone is welcome to join the community events. Find an event near you! 

Check out the map

Meet the KotlinConf’23 speakers

More than 80 extraordinary minds are joining KotlinConf’23 to share their knowledge and experience with the community. Meet our speakers!

See the speakers

Shout-out to Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile content creators

The new great pieces of Kotlin multiplatform content are here:

Go to our blog post for the full list.

Learn more

Upcoming Kotlin webinars

Advanced Kotlin techniques for Spring developers

Kotlin can take your developer experience with Spring to the next level! Join this webinar and learn how to:

  • Add new functionality to existing classes with Kotlin extension functions.
  • Use the Kotlin bean definition DSL.
  • Better configure your application using `lateinit`.
  • Use sequences and default argument values to write more expressive code.

Speaker: Pasha Finkelshteyn.


Graceful shutdown with structured concurrency

Modern programming often requires us to make strong guarantees about how our applications terminate. One way to do this is through the use of structured concurrency. In this session, we will learn how to use Arrow’s Resource Domain-Specific Language (DSL) to reason about resource safety in the same way structured concurrency is used to avoid leaking resources.

Speaker: Simon Vergauwen


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