Help Us Improve the Performance of Your Compose Multiplatform Apps

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The performance of Compose Multiplatform apps is one of our key priorities at JetBrains. Improving performance includes optimizing start-up time, rendering performance, and binary size, among other things. 

Currently, we’re focusing on enhancing rendering performance and providing smooth, glitchless, and jank-free animation on iOS. Our goal is to ensure that all different Compose apps work on iOS as smoothly as native iOS apps and Android apps. We’ve just released a number of performance improvements in the preview version of Compose Multiplatform 1.5.0, including improved rendering performance on modern 120Hz Apple devices and iOS-like scrolling. We need your feedback in order to keep making this already powerful UI framework even better!

In addition to better performance, this version of Compose Multiplatform also brings other functional enhancements that you may want to try, such as:

  • Support for iOS-specific insets in the WindowInsets API, which can be used from common code.
  • The ability to create Dialog and Popup composables in common code.
  • Support for the Dynamic Type feature that allows choosing the size of visible text in the global settings of Apple operating systems.

We would appreciate it if you could test 1.5.0-beta01 in your projects targeting iOS and share information about any performance issues that still exist.

Why your help is crucial

We have only a very limited number of sample apps, and they don’t cover all real-life cases. As a result, your help is extremely important and will allow us to make sure the technology meets the true performance expectations of your projects, as opposed to just meeting some generic benchmarks.

How to update to Compose Multiplatform 1.5.0-beta01

In the build.gradle.kts of your project, update the version of org.jetbrains.compose to 1.5.0-beta01 and load the Gradle changes.

What is a performance issue

If you notice that a Compose Multiplatform app doesn’t perform on iOS as it does on Android or as if it was a native iOS app, please report the issue, even if you consider it minor. Every issue matters to us!

How to report a performance issue

To help us effectively resolve the issue you encountered, please report a GitHub issue using the template below.

Report a performance issue

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