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A major release just around the corner — meet Kotlin 1.3-M2

Moving full steam towards Kotlin 1.3, we’re happy to announce the second milestone release, Kotlin 1.3-M2, which unveils new features and improves the stability of those already announced. Some highlights: Contracts improve smart-casts and other compile-time analyses New Standard Library … Continue reading

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See what’s coming in Kotlin 1.3-M1

Today, after a long chain of incremental 1.2.X updates, it’s time to see what’s coming in Kotlin 1.3. We are happy to announce the first preview version of the new major release: Kotlin 1.3-M1. Kotlin 1.3 brings many advancements including … Continue reading

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Early access program for Kotlin 1.2 has been started

We’re excited to announce the start of the early access program for Kotlin 1.2: today its first milestone release 1.2-M1 is out. This release enables by default new language features that were previously available in 1.1.x releases under experimental 1.2 … Continue reading

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Kotlin 1.1: What’s coming in the standard library

Java 9 preparations Java 9 is coming and brings Project Jigsaw to the table — the Java platform module system. One of the constraints it imposes is that no two modules can declare public API in the same package. The … Continue reading

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What’s new in Standard Library M13 and M14

Standard Library continues its evolution: Lazy<T> type has been introduced More concise syntax for storing properties in a Map Final changes in the Char arithmetics Plus and minus operations on a collection now depend on its type New scope functions: … Continue reading

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Kotlin Evolves: How to Keep Your Code Up

Kotlin is undergoing finalization, and as part of the process we are cleaning up: revising the language and its libraries. The biggest changes have been made in M12, but some more are coming. The point is to perform all the … Continue reading

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