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Building Asynchronous Servers and Clients in Kotlin

Ktor 1.4.0 now available!

We’re excited to announce the availability of Ktor 1.4.0, which also marks the first release where we’ve moved to Semantic Versioning. In addition to a few minor features, the release addresses a bunch of known problems and provides compatibility with Kotlin 1.4.

Highlights include:

  • Partial support for CIO (native-mt) which includes Sockets and HTTP*.
  • Added support for Cookie Encoding
  • Improvements in WebSocket routing
  • Support for WebSocket client feature configuration
  • Fixed static content resolution for directories inside Jar
  • OAuth2 now supports parameters in URL
  • Default testing server is now CIO
  • Updated Jetty version to 9.3.41
  • Updated to version 4.4.0 of OkHttp
  • URLBuilder now uses window.location.origin as default host
  • Support for iOS certificate pinning
  • Added deprecation warning for BasicAuth Feature (should use Auth from now on)

For a full list of changes, please see the change log.

* Currently we do not support WebSockets or HTTPS. In addition, support for Windows will be added in a patch release.

External Contributors

We’d like to thank the following folks for their contributions to this release (in no particular order):

Anton Dmitriev
Yahia Ragae
Alexander Semyannikov
Victor Turansky
Bernat Plana
Waldemar Kornewald
Ryan Grif
Abduqodiri Qurbonzoda
Gianfranco Gasbarri
Louis Seubert

GitHub Issues now off

As we mentioned last month, we have been migrating to YouTrack. All the existing issues in GitHub have been ported, backlinked, and each issue in GitHub has been updated with a link to notify watchers that new updates would take place on YouTrack. We will now be switching off creating new GitHub issues, but please rest assured that all the data is safe in YouTrack and if we ever need it, we can access it via GitHub too.

Moving forward though, please log all new requests in YouTrack

Getting the bits

The Maven artifacts are available on Maven Central as well as Bintray.