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Building Asynchronous Servers and Clients in Kotlin

Docs and Samples Migration

We recently launched our brand new website in an effort to provide a simpler and cleaner interface. With the new site we also migrated the existing documentation to a new system (same one used by all our products at JetBrains), which provides us with more potential, including built-in support for compilable code-snippets, versioning, etc.

New docs are in progress

At the same time, we’re working on revamping and restructuring the existing documentation. This means not only organising it in a more intuitive way, but also rewriting sections that weren’t clear, providing better examples, as well as sections on how to configure and use different functionalities of Ktor.

This is however work in progress, and what you’re seeing currently on the site are not the new docs, but the existing ones. As the new contents becomes available, we’ll place them under the Docs URL (yes, now it gives 404).

Where are the samples?

Some of you may have noticed that the Samples repository is missing some samples. This is not an oversight, but intentional. Many of the examples are specifically for showcasing features, and we have decided to include them directly in the new documentation repository. The reason for this is so that any code snippet you see in the new documentation will be actual code that is compilable and correct. Hopefully this will lead to less outdated documentation or code that once copy/pasted doesn’t work.

If you want to reference some older samples, please see the 1.3.0 branch.

Additionally we’ve split the samples into three groups

  1. Generic
  2. Full stack
  3. Mobile

This has been done primarily so that folks that aren’t interesteded in Mobile or Full stack, don’t have to install additional dependencies such as Android SDK and/or yarn, to have the samples compile correctly.

Where’s the doc repo?

With the new website, the Ktor.io repository will be deprecated. The website will remain closed source. However, the documentation website will have its own repository and will be open so that we can continue to receive contributions (which are always welcome). We’ll make it public once we have things more stable.

Where do I file issues?

All issues, whether it’s for the framework itself, website, or documentation should now be filed on YouTrack. This change came about with our migration from GitHub to YouTrack.

Known issues

We are aware of some known issues with the documentation which is reporting 404s, including with searches. Apologies for the inconvenience. We’re working on it. But also please remember that much of the docs will be replaced with the new contents. We just ask for a bit of patience :).