MPS 1.5 is Out and Ready for Download

We are happy to announce the release of MPS version 1.5, and to invite you for download!

Along with great memory and performance improvements, the new release introduces the following new features:

  • Full-featured debugger
  • Noticeably improved version control integration
  • New Generator language features
  • Improved integration with existing languages
  • New editor features
  • Several new DSLs
  • And more
  • As usual, you are encouraged to discuss the new features and provide feedback in our discussion forum and issue tracker.

    Develop with pleasure!
    -JetBrains MPS Team

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    4 Responses to MPS 1.5 is Out and Ready for Download

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      Philip May says:

      September 22, 2010

      Did anybody try the tutorial: http://www.jetbrains.com/mps/docs/tutorial.html
      With MPS 1.5 it doesnt work for me. There seems to be a bug in the reduction rule. Does anybody know a workaround?

    2. Avatar

      ashatalin says:

      September 29, 2010

      Hi, Philip!

      I’ve just tried to pass this tutorial from the very beginning on MPS 1.5. You are right – I got message dialog produced by “Model checker” in the end of “Implementing generator” part.

      If I press “Review Errors” button in this dialog I can see “No reference in role “localVariableDeclaration”” error message associated with LocalVariableReference in a reduction rule. In the tutorial it’s written “Don’t worry about the red color of the resulting node.”, but looks like you should node worry about error reported by model checked before code generation too. 🙂

      If I press “Ignore Errors” in this dialog I can normally generate code and the rest of tutorial can be passed without any problems.

      I’m going to update tutorial with this information ASAP.

    3. Avatar

      Philip May says:

      October 4, 2010

      For me the code generation has a bug.
      I am getting this code:

      public void update() {
      int i_a = 0;
      int i_b = 0;
      int i_c = 0;
      try {
      i_a = Integer.parseInt(inputField_a.getText());
      i_b = Integer.parseInt(inputField_b.getText());
      i_c = Integer.parseInt(inputField_c.getText());
      } catch (NumberFormatException e) {
      // just ignore it
      .setText("" + (2 + 3 + 9 + i_a));

      The part before .setText is missing.
      I don’ know why. 🙁

    4. Avatar

      ashatalin says:

      October 4, 2010

      Looks like you either have some errors in corresponding template or did not re-generate corresponding generator.. To ensure everything is ok with generator, checking the following line in CalculatorImpl template is written in accordance with tutorial:

      ->$[outputField].setText(“” + ($COPY_SRC$[null]));

      after it try re-generating generator for calculator language once again and then try generating text for sandbox..


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