JetBrains MPS 3.2 EAP 3 published

Thank you for all the feedback we’ve received on the previous EAP release. This helped us focus our attention on the roughest corners and fix many bugs that could annoy the users of the upcoming 3.2 version of MPS. All these fixes have been carefully packaged into a third EAP release and made available for download.

Most of our effort in EAP 3 was put into improving the project migration experience. This is the aspect that we would like to ask you to test most heavily and report any issues that occur.

Please bear in mind that the migration currently cannot migrate generated sources and compiled artifacts. Please clean the generated artifacts (typically the source_gen/source_gen.caches/classes_gen folders in your languages/solutions/generators) before opening your projects in MPS 3.2 EAP 3.

Get MPS 3.2 EAP 3 and take it for a spin.

We plan to start preparing a release candidate during the following weeks so that you could get a final 3.2 GA release in early 2015.

Since no new features have been added in EAP 3, the What’s new in MPS 3.2 document is still very relevant. To check the full list of the issues solved in EAP3, check out the release notes.

We’ve also started our efforts to update the documentation for MPS 3.2. In particular, you may be interested to check out:

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains MPS Team

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