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Releasing MPS 3.2

We’re now proudly releasing JetBrains MPS 3.2 – a new version of your favourite DSL language workbench. We’ve built this version to give you a tool that fundamentally improves the way how you evolve your languages – language versioning, migration scripts, simplified VCS conflict resolution, fast in-process tests and a more robust generator – you’ll instantly benefit from these enhancements.
Numerous bug fixes and usability improvements in the editor as well as in the core languages will then make your time spent with MPS more effective and enjoyable.

Here’s a list of the major additions in MPS 3.2:

  • Language versioning enables MPS to keep track of the versions of the languages used in your projects and seamlessly upgrade your code if a newer language version is available
  • New model persistence relies on unique concept identifiers, which gives languages greater flexibility when handling concept names, for example when renaming or deprecating concepts
  • Cross-model generation brings a proper solution to resolving references pointing to declarations in different models during generation
  • Several generation planning improvements make the generation process better organised, more predictable and faster
  • Implementation stripping allows language designers as well as library authors to hide the actual implementation of their packages from their users
  • Resolving changes in the Version-control system for non-conflicting models has been automated
  • With Merge hints language designers may specify custom resolution strategies for properties and links to use when resolving VCS conflicts automatically
  • Test performance has been improved dramatically by enabling in-process runs as well as reusing the test caches

The What’s new page details all new enhancements that MPS 3.2 comes with.

Get your copy of MPS 3.2 today and take the brand new MPS release out for a ride.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains MPS Team

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